January 3rd, 2018

Happy New Year everybody. I am looking forward to more music and hopefully a year of reflection, more sanity, dignity, intelligence, humanity and kindness. For now, I am looking forward to my first gig as a leader of 2018 at the famous Deer Head Inn, Saturday January 20th with an incredible line-up. A great way to start the year.




September 26th, 2017

Coming up Oct.1, 2017:

FLyer for Parlor Concert Oct 1 2017

Mommaas – Hoenig – Radley and Clohesy at Corneliastreet Cafe.

September 12th, 2017

Last two gigs were a lot of fun. Trying new music with different setups. First at Bar Lunatico with Johannes Weidenmueller, Miek Sarin and Sebastian Noelle, the second one at Corneliastreet Cafe with Nate Radley, Ari Hoenig and Matt Clohesy. All incredible musicians and a great pleasure to play with them. Here a fun image from a gig at Corneliamommaas-corneliastr-nyc-2017, they are ganging up on me:)

Coming up:

August 10th, 2017

New Music, great band:)

Gigs and Things

July 28th, 2017

The summer is in full swing, had a great couple of concerts at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, a real magical time in many ways, and connecting with my brother in crime, Nikolaj Hess, playing a duo concert at one of my most favorite places in the world, the Bartof Cafe. A wonderful Danish lady, Anette Inoue, whom I met years ago at a bus stop in CPH. wrote a beautiful review on the concert:

No matter what’s your mood, a concert with Nikolaj Hess and Marc Mommaas will always without fail hurl you into a world of magic, adventure, passion, surprise and even fun! Like moving along together with the two of them through mountains and valleys and unbelievable, unknown landscapes. Thus also this time, at Bartof Café July 15. 2017, where you got the unique experience of the two geniuses in perfect synergy and reciprocal inspiration. Passionately, intensely, and at the same time heartily and warmly, continuously passing on the solo-baton to each other. From the interlaced calm fusioned expression into dynamic breakaways into the wildest improvisations from both sides.
The two of them have been cooperating for 20 years, and seem to not only have developed a dynamic mutually inspiring and extraordinarily value creating ensemble, but there is also the feeling of a warm friendship and a deep connectedness with great mutual respect and appreciation. During the reciprocal ping-pong of improvisation, they seem to drive each other continuously further out and higher up, making each of them produce continuously greater and greater surprises, discovering new land in their improvisations. Imagine, that, that this quite ordinarily looking piano can produce these formidable sounds and tones, as the deeply concentrated and bent Nikolaj Hess magically conjures forth from the keys, and again and again, as often as he can look up from the piano, he smiles happily over at Marc Mommaas, maybe looking forward to his next move? And further on and on with Marc Mommaas’s saxophone into the wildest and most dangerous curves and rugged mountain ridges and trackless mountain paths with an in between teasingly surprising abrupt landing, Bang! Down again.
Thus, on this Saturday afternoon, the two of them both enchanted, and flung their audience through the total of three sets. In high spirits and with deep passion. Through the uniqueness of their personal interpretations of “The shadow of your smile”, “Never let me go”, “In a sentimental mood, “Body and soul”, “Over the rainbow”, “Everything I love” and others – also “Little one”, a composition, which Marc Mommaas had written to his daughter, when she was yet a baby, and therefore in a special presentation, due to the fact – as he said: that there had at that time been “no story yet”, an open landscape of future possibilities not yet discovered, for the little girl.
It is obvious, that they are both fond of this place, which also Marc Mommaas expressed during the program. It is also surprisingly felt that the place easily holds the sometimes vast, roaring sound-universes, which these two artists create, and, at the same time, due to its constricted size and in its capacity of solid music-café it also creates a special dimension of family like and unpretentious intimacy and warmth between artists and audience. – Anette Inoue

And, summer is not over, here some great things to look forward to, playing at:

Marc Mommaas Hudson Jazz Works 2

2016 best of lists

December 30th, 2016

Best of yearlists 2016

HJW Fundraiser Concert NYC – to generate scholarships.

November 28th, 2016


Live, Mommaas’ compositions at the Symphony Space in NYC

November 16th, 2016

This Sunday, November 20, four Columbia University ensembles will be performing my music at the Symphony Space on 2537 Broadway (95th street), NYC. The students have worked hard on the music. We had great rehearsals and an inspiring masterclass. This will be very special and I am very honored that I was invited as a guest performing artist.


Ron Horton – tim Horner Nonet

September 16th, 2016

Ron Horton Tim Horner Nonet

CD Release party 55Barc NYC, Tony Moreno quintet ‘short stories’, Mayimba records.

September 13th, 2016

Tony Moreno quintet CD release short stories