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Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Coming up Oct.1, 2017:

FLyer for Parlor Concert Oct 1 2017

Mommaas – Hoenig – Radley and Clohesy at Corneliastreet Cafe.

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Last two gigs were a lot of fun. Trying new music with different setups. First at Bar Lunatico with Johannes Weidenmueller, Miek Sarin and Sebastian Noelle, the second one at Corneliastreet Cafe with Nate Radley, Ari Hoenig and Matt Clohesy. All incredible musicians and a great pleasure to play with them. Here a fun image from a gig at Corneliamommaas-corneliastr-nyc-2017, they are ganging up on me:)

Gigs and Things

Friday, July 28th, 2017

The summer is in full swing, had a great couple of concerts at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, a real magical time in many ways, and connecting with my brother in crime, Nikolaj Hess, playing a duo concert at one of my most favorite places in the world, the Bartof Cafe. A wonderful Danish lady, Anette Inoue, whom I met years ago at a bus stop in CPH. wrote a beautiful review on the concert:

No matter what’s your mood, a concert with Nikolaj Hess and Marc Mommaas will always without fail hurl you into a world of magic, adventure, passion, surprise and even fun! Like moving along together with the two of them through mountains and valleys and unbelievable, unknown landscapes. Thus also this time, at Bartof Café July 15. 2017, where you got the unique experience of the two geniuses in perfect synergy and reciprocal inspiration. Passionately, intensely, and at the same time heartily and warmly, continuously passing on the solo-baton to each other. From the interlaced calm fusioned expression into dynamic breakaways into the wildest improvisations from both sides.
The two of them have been cooperating for 20 years, and seem to not only have developed a dynamic mutually inspiring and extraordinarily value creating ensemble, but there is also the feeling of a warm friendship and a deep connectedness with great mutual respect and appreciation. During the reciprocal ping-pong of improvisation, they seem to drive each other continuously further out and higher up, making each of them produce continuously greater and greater surprises, discovering new land in their improvisations. Imagine, that, that this quite ordinarily looking piano can produce these formidable sounds and tones, as the deeply concentrated and bent Nikolaj Hess magically conjures forth from the keys, and again and again, as often as he can look up from the piano, he smiles happily over at Marc Mommaas, maybe looking forward to his next move? And further on and on with Marc Mommaas’s saxophone into the wildest and most dangerous curves and rugged mountain ridges and trackless mountain paths with an in between teasingly surprising abrupt landing, Bang! Down again.
Thus, on this Saturday afternoon, the two of them both enchanted, and flung their audience through the total of three sets. In high spirits and with deep passion. Through the uniqueness of their personal interpretations of “The shadow of your smile”, “Never let me go”, “In a sentimental mood, “Body and soul”, “Over the rainbow”, “Everything I love” and others – also “Little one”, a composition, which Marc Mommaas had written to his daughter, when she was yet a baby, and therefore in a special presentation, due to the fact – as he said: that there had at that time been “no story yet”, an open landscape of future possibilities not yet discovered, for the little girl.
It is obvious, that they are both fond of this place, which also Marc Mommaas expressed during the program. It is also surprisingly felt that the place easily holds the sometimes vast, roaring sound-universes, which these two artists create, and, at the same time, due to its constricted size and in its capacity of solid music-café it also creates a special dimension of family like and unpretentious intimacy and warmth between artists and audience. – Anette Inoue

And, summer is not over, here some great things to look forward to, playing at:

Marc Mommaas Hudson Jazz Works 2

Live, Mommaas’ compositions at the Symphony Space in NYC

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

This Sunday, November 20, four Columbia University ensembles will be performing my music at the Symphony Space on 2537 Broadway (95th street), NYC. The students have worked hard on the music. We had great rehearsals and an inspiring masterclass. This will be very special and I am very honored that I was invited as a guest performing artist.


Small update

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Very much looking forward to the following concert.
Hope to see you there:


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Latest of the latest!

Friday, September 19th, 2014


Hello everybody. Just got of the plane from a great tour with the Amina Figarova sextet, mostly Canada and the US. There is a lots of news, new record coming out with all ballads, Tours and a lot of educational news. But for now a quick notice.


Touring, Gigs and Teaching!

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

The summer was full of great experiences. The Festival in Copenhagen was a good start with as highlight a duo concert with Nikolaj Hess at the Thorveldsens Museum. I love playing duo format, and I think this one was one of the best we have done so far. The Festival also gave me an opportunity to connect on stage with Bob Moses and reconnect with Anders Christensen (AC).

Plus, two more special events happened. I have been in contact with a great Jazz fan (Jørgen) who has photographed all the greats for over 40 years. He mentioned a photograph of Ben Webster that he got from another photographer named Jørgen Bo. We have been talking for years about Ben Webster and I mentioned my special connection with him. He came to one of the concerts and gave this special photograph of Ben Webster as a present, and what a great present it is, check it out, it is amazing
Great tenor saxophonist Ben Webster

Talking about Jørgen’s, there is another one I have been in contact with in DK, Jørgen Skov Sørensen, and he wrote a great heiku poem based on a concert that I did in a small but special place in Copenhagen named Bartof. The English version is a translation, the orginal is in Danish. Quit an honor:

Toner i nuet
Saxofon blæser vinter
Forløsning i dur

Sounds in present tense
Saxophone blowing winter
Major redemption

Back in NYC I dived into the Summer Summit Series organized by the NYJW and started it up with a great four day improv/composition intensive including Tim Horner.
This was followed up by another four-day intensive organized by HJW held in Hudson NY. This included Armen Donelian and Joe Locke. Both workshops were fantastic, with great students. This will definitely be repeated in 2013.

For all the saxophonists in the field, I finally finished the third installment of a series of articles written with as premise finding the ultimate microphone for saxophone for on the road. Part III is all about the Ribbon Mics and the article came out great thanks to the text editing and support of Matthew McGlynn and the recording of Charles Martinez. Please check it out if interested.

I am very excited about an exhibition of my fathers work in the Hudson Opera House. This is the first time that a part of my father’s Jazz collection is being shown in public in the US. It involves photographs of the larger then life paintings made by my father. These photographs are hand-printed and were supervised by my father. In 2009 he passed away, but his spirit lives on. If you are in the neighborhood check it out, or visit my page and click on the images to get an idea

When I was playing in Cleveland at the Night Town I met this elegant lady named Patty Coker. She asked me if I knew her husband, Jerry Coker. Jerry wrote many books for saxophonists to practice out of, and I own and worked through one of them a long time ago. Therefore I was quit surprised and felt honored to get to meet Patty. We stayed in contact and she sent me Jerry’s latest book “the Jazz Improvisor’s reference”.

The title says it all, very well put together, concise and to the point, a real one on one basics overview. Plus, what I really like and what you normally do not encounter in a book for improvisers is a special chapter on piano for non-pianists. Very cool, and in my opinion very important. Next time maybe he can include also a special chapter on drums for non-drummers.

But there is more, a lot of playing action in September with several different formations including my own band LANDMARC at the Corneliastreet café on Friday September 28.
Please stop by when you can. On the 7th I did this great gig at the Deerhead Inn, what a special place. You can really feel the vibe and the room sounds great, plus great audience. It was the group of Billy Test, a great pianist to look out for. A great talent. We will play again at the Kitano in NYC September 27, a day before my LANDMARC gig.
I will also be part of a special benefit concert in Hudson organized by HOH. There I will be playing duo with Armen Donelian. (Sept.29).

And, one more last thing, the record of Amina Figarova, Twelve, is doing great. It has been in the top ten of the Jazz Charts for a long period of time, and the record of Tim Horner, the places we went, is also doing beautifully, getting radio-play and a lot of respect and good vibes from the Jazz Community and beyond.

10 States, Summer action and Copenhagen.

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

In May I was on a two and a half week tour with the Amina Figarova sextet promoting the new release “Twelve”. We traveled through 10 states playing 16 concerts in 14 city’s which was quit an experience. Some of the highlights where the New Orleans Jazz Festival (the food was out of control and I managed to eat the whole band under the table), the concert at the Bach Society in Half Moon Bay (and we actually saw two whales in the bay), two great nights in Missoula (also great food, the organizer is a fantastic cook) and the Jazz Alley in Seattle (fantastic sound on stage, one of the best sound engineers I experienced in a live setting). There is more coming in the Fall and there are already bookings for 2013. Bart, the organizer in the band is unbelievable and he put together a short youtube video footage on the recording session:
The Making of Twelve

I just did a concert with the band of Tim Horner in Smalls, NYC. The concert was smokin’, I love playing with these ace musicians. And I can’t say enough about Tim, he wrote all the material and he clearly has a gift for it. All his experience is coming through in his writing.

As mentioned in the last newsletter I have been writing articles on mics for Saxophone. This month I have been trying out a series of microphones in preparation for the ribbon article and it has been quit a trip. I didn’t know how unbelievably different all these mics. sound. The article should be live by the end of the month. I already have a “winner” in mind which will be discussed in the fourth and last article in which I will make a comparison between the Dynamic, the Condenser and the Ribbon microphones.

On the 17th of June I will be playing with the group of Tony Moreno at the legendary 55bar. His music is phenomenal, and in his group you will always be playing with the best of the best. I can’t wait.

And Nikolaj Hess, whom I have collaborated with in the last 15 years, will be in town and we will be playing at the Corneliastreet café on June 28, like old times. This is a precursor to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival where I will be from the 12th through the 15th of July. It is going to be a killer band: Nikolaj on piano, Francois Moutin on bass and Gregory Hutchinson on drums. This is the first time I will be playing with Gregory, very exciting.

Another first is getting acquainted with Bill Cunliffe, a great pianist and a reharm. monster. I had the pleasure to sit in with him at the Kitano in NYC and the band included Tim Horner and Boris Koslov.

Some more exciting news. As many of you know I am the co-director of the NYJW. Together with Marco Chelo, the other director, we wrote a business plan. Yes you hear it right, and man, what a trip that is. It took us a few months but its finished and we can’t wait to move the program up to a new level. We are actively looking for our own dedicated space in Midtown Manhattan, if you have any tips please let us know. Did I mention we are an official LLC. One step at the time.

Touring, recording, summer workshops and more.

Monday, May 7th, 2012

The tour with Landmarc in EU was very successful and we had a ball. The band sounded so great, what a line-up. To check out the vibe please go to Jazzgallery and click on the video page, there you see a great sample of our playing plus an interview hosted by written in music.

The second article on the quest for the best live mic for saxophone is out and can be read in Matthew’s recordinghacks, a great site if you would like to stay up to date with the latest in sound-production. This article features the condenser microphones and it includes samples which is pretty hip. Next is an article on ribbon microphones. Should be out in the end of June.

At the moment I am on the road with the sextet of Amina Figarova. It is a working band that sticks together, and you can hear it. The band is great live and the new release “Twelve” just came out and sounds amazing, also thanks to Systems Two Recording Studio in Brooklyn. I have done many recordings there, I love that place, they are the best. This is the first time I got to work with Max, the engineer and apprentice of Mike. He killed it, both with Max or Mike you can’t go wrong.

I will be back in Copenhagen for the festival in July, a yearly tradition, and I can’t wait to play with Nikolaj Hess, he always cooks up a great line-up and a lot of playing.

I am also involved in two summer workshops, the improv/composition intensive which I do together with Tim Horner (NYJW). It will be held around the corner of Times Square. And I am equally excited about Hudson Jazzworks, a great retreat in the Hudson Area where 10 extremely talented students come together to play and learn. This program is associated with the conservatory of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and the MSM in Manhattan. If you are interested in signing up now would be a good time.

I was contacted by Stephen Bett, a great poet from Canada. He wrote a fantastic poem inspired by my music and it will be published titled: Sound Off: a book of jazz. Here is the pod-cast of the poem.
Poem written by Stephen Bett, inspired by music of Marc Mommaas

I am very excited about this. I have had a few experiences in which there was a cross-over between different art-forms. I wrote an essay on Jazz for a publication named “brilliant corners’ and I recently did a gig in Mexico where they and video behind the band which was spectacular. I hope to get more opportunities in that direction.

Another first; I had a great concert in Arnhem and the booker came with the idea to hang up the Jazz collection of my father, a fantastic painter. It was amazing. We had the paintings on chairs on the side of the stage, and it was as if the whole Jazz history was present in the room. I had Elvin and Trane on top in the middle, couldn’t help myself. Plus, my father past away in 2007. To have his work in the room was fantastic.

And a small word about New Orleans. I just played there at the festival and still miss the food. Nothing short to spectacular. A great vibe and I think it is save to say that New Orleans is back on their feet and cookin’ with gas.

LANDMARC in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Friday, January 20th, 2012


On February 1st the band including Tony and Nate, is flying to Amsterdam starting up a great tour. Vic Juris will be coming from Italy. The first performance will be at the Bimhuis on the 3rd of February. I grew up in Amsterdam and saw hundreds of concerts in the old Bimhuis almost always with my father Henk Mommaas who was a staple in the scene of Amsterdam, a great painter and jazz fanatic. I have fantastic memories about it and am very excited to be performing at the new Bimhuis as a leader. I played there before, at the old and new Bimhuis, but never with my own band LANDMARC from NYC. This is going to be very special. If you are in the area please try to make it. I can’t wait.

The second concert is equally great, at Porgy and Bess in Terneuzen on February 5. I played there for the first time with the Amina Figarova group a couple of months ago. What a great venue, fantastic vibe and great organization.

This is followed by a concert at the Cultuurhuis in Heerlen organized by SCHUNK. A fantastic space, beautiful stage, and great organization. If you are in that area please stop by and support the music. It is organization such as SLIM that keeps Jazz alive.

Although I am raised mostly in Amsterdam, my family comes form Limburg, the Maastricht area. I am therefore very excited to get to play at Theater het Vrijthof in Maastricht. I know that my father and mother in their younger years had a lot of fun in Maastricht. Plus, my mother went there to the conservatory and my father to the arts academy. Some history there. And, I remember great fries with goulash. I am wondering if that place still exists.

We will also perform in Belgium at the Hnita-Jazz club in Heist-op-den-berg. It is a very well-known stage in Belgium, many great musicians have performed there and I am honored to play at this great venue. If you are in Belgium in that period please visit Heist-op-den-berg and join us for the concert.

I am equally excited to be part of a very special Concert in Alkmaar on February 12, which will be filmed. Dick Hovenga from is responsible for the organization of this event and we go back a few years. Dick helped me with getting media attention in NL which helped a lot with organizing this tour, and we had many great conversations in NYC which he visits frequently. He is my man, and I am very excited to collaborate with him on this project. If you would like to be part of this fantastic event please email to

For the complete tour please go to the concert page or see below.

On the road in the Netherlands and Belgium