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Friday, December 30th, 2016

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Video, Original scores of LANDMARC and

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

My new release Landmarc is doing great and based on request I published a book with all the charts including explanations, technical information, the philosophy of the specific compositions and the layout of the form. To give you the heads up, the charts include the matrix form of the title tune (plus explanation), a lot of mixed meter, some polyrhythm, a melody-no-harmony composition and a melody/harmony without barlines piece. You can get it on this site in the Score section. It is available as a pdf download or hardcover. If you have trouble getting it please let me know.


Also I am very excited about the video on my site. This is the first one of a series that is being worked on by three film students at the New School. Babette Wielenga is leading the project and she works together with Carolina Zuñiga and Maartje Wegdam. They have been following me to a few concerts, and were with me in the studio where I was working on a new project (more about that in a few months). This clip involves music from a live Global Motion gig at the Cornelia street cafe this year and photo stills done by Carolina and Maartje. It’s very cool, I hope you like it. They also made a great video including my music and the Number 7 Subway in Queens with the idea of making a series of video’s capturing the vibe of NYC. Hopefully that will be ready soon for upload.


And…..a great Landmarc review by Dick Hovenga published in and a leading Dutch magazine named Jazz. I got 4 and a 1/2 stars and it’s a fantastic review, please check it out if you read Dutch. Or else you can just look at the stars. Talking about reviews, word go’s around that Downbeat also reviewed the recording. I haven’t seen it yet but it sounds like it’s going to be a good one.

Global Motion is playing in town, at our usual spot the Cornelia street café. Please stop by and say hello if you are in the hood.

AAJ live concert review, Global Motion, Waves and Vibration

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

David Adler wrote for the NYC – All About Jazz monthly paper a great review on the life duo concert Nikolaj and I did at the Kitano;


MARC MOMMAAS with NIKOLAJ HESS – Balance @ the Kitano live May 6th,2010.
Dutch tenor saxophonist Marc Mommaas and Danish pianist Nikolaj Hess have a rich history as bandmates in Global Motion and other units, but their duo work is a story unto itself, borne out by the 2005 Sunnyside disc Balance
. Judging from their appearance at The Kitano, Mommaas and Hess have another album in them, if not more. Each player brought material to the gig, so brand new that the songs lacked titles. But for warm-up as well as the wind-down, they matched wits on standards, first “Alone together” and later “You and the Night and the Music”. Well-worn tunes, to be sure, but the duo’s rhythmic confidence – no need for a drummer here – and spirited flow of ideas made for sweaty, play-for-keeps performances. Mommaas filled the small room with a husky tenor sound, warm and lithe and well proportioned, buoyed by Hess’ fluidity, harmonic command and palpable determination at the keys, a compelling spectacle. Following a lyrical, diatonic major-key waltz by Mommaas and two new charts by Hess (the first with slow hiccuping rhythms, the second calmer, more classically influenced), the duo put itself to the test with Egberto Gismonti’s imposing odyssey “7 Annias”. Mommaas built up to a ’60s-like fury as the bright and twisty opening gave way to an expanded minor vamp section. But the lush rubato sonorities of Hess’ tentatively-titled “folk Song” (correction: composition Folksong by Mommaas) cleared the air, foregrounding the appeal of the simple and direct. ~David R. Adler, AAJ (2010)

And we are going to miss Poul Weiss at the Cornelia Street Café. He has done an amazing job with booking fantastic bands, building up a strong reputation for the Cornelia street Café, and he was always on the money with promotion. He is moving back to Denmark and Tom Chang, a great guitarist and composer, is taking his place. I had the pleasure to play with him on a regular basis in ’97 and ’98. I am sure he will continue the great legacy. Global Motion will be playing the last Saturday under Poul’s reign (June 26, 8:30 and 10pm)). It will be a great farewell party and I am sure I will see him again very soon at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in the beginning of July.


On a philosophical note;

“All can be deduced to waves and vibration; sound, light, touch, energy.

The essence of being is captured in our birth and death with movement before, in between and after. Creation is at the center of this essence. Music is a vehicle to get in touch and in tune with this energy of constant change and flux. It connects us with the same energy that gave us life. To embrace this energy with all its movement is key to feel in balance in life, and to feel the freedom that is within us. Within music it therefore is important to practice, or meditate if you will, the opposites. These contrasts will give you the space to create.