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APAP, Washington DC and Corneliastreet Cafe.

Monday, January 11th, 2010

The Dutch consulate organized a meeting in relation to the APAP, a big conference in which promoters, bookers, artists etc. connect. It was great to meet up with some of my Dutch colleagues, in particular Amina Figarova and Bart Plateau with whom I have been touring the last two years when they are in the US. We will be playing at the Blues Alley in Washington DC on Wednesday the 15th of January which is a warm up for a big tour in the  US in March. Also I will be playing with them in Amsterdam at the Bimhuis is April and at the New Port Jazz Festival in August. They are doing an amazing job in organizing tours, a good example of how there is no substitute for persistence, plus the band is Cookin’.

I would also like to mention a pleasant meeting with Vincent Henar,  the founder of Fra Fra sound which has been around for the last 30 years. The tenor player in his band is Efraim whom I want to High School with. I remember us both getting into a serious Coltrane vibe in between classes. I have a lot of respect for Vincent. To keep your band together and active for such a long period takes serious dedication and there is no substitute for a working band that stick together, I have the feeling we will meet again on stage some day.

And coming up is GLOBAL MOTION at the Corneliastreet cafe, I can’t wait. It will be filmed by a professional crew, so better buy some clothes. The band will be complete, Tony, Jay and Nikolaj. The filming will be part of a larger documentary project in collaboration with journalist/writer Dick Hovenga and Babette Wielenga who leads the film crew. It will be inspired by a great famous documentary made by Vertov, who was far ahead of his time (1929). I highly recommend checking his work out:

More will follow……

Corneliastreet Cafe

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

I have been a bit behind schedule regarding news feeds, due to the upgrade of the site. Work still needs to be done but please check it out and let me know what you think. Suggestions for improvements are highly appreciated.

As is the tradition, the new year starts off with GLOBAL MOTION at the Corneliastreet Cafe. We will be there Friday Jan. 15th. I can’t believe we have been playing together for 12 years. What a great band.

On January 2nd with the band of Tony Moreno including Gary Versage, Johannes Weidenmueller and Ron Horton. Also coming up are concerts in Smalls and the Kitano, its good to play that much in NYC again after so much traveling.

You can catch my guitar project LANDMARC at the Corneliastreet cafe on the 19th of February, a new group including Tony, Nate and Vic (no bass). I am looking forward to the release of Landmarc by Sunnyside Records in March 2010. If you like you can pre-order the new release which will be shipped to you in March. The record turned out great. All the compositions were written specifically for this format (three guitars, drums, sax, no bass) and all the bandmembers sound fantastic on it. Please have a listen in the music section.