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Music in April, and the wonders of Skype.

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Got back from Amsterdam after recording with the Amina Figarova band. Came out great, will be released in three weeks. Could this be a record in release speed? Recording, mixing, mastering, design, photographs, pressing and delivery in three weeks?


April is full of great projects. Concerts with Nikolaj Hess in the US and Scandinavia, the 55Bar with the group of Tony Moreno and performances in the NY area with the quintet of Armen Donelian anticipating a new recording. Then there is a master class in Amsterdam on April 17 organized by Amsterdam Winds, the Andrew Hill project at the stone in NYC lead by Ron Horton and Tim Horner, two CD release performances in the Netherlands with the Amina Figarova band and a special concert lead by Jens Sko at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse in Denmark.

Meanwhile the buzz is going around regarding my new release Landmarc and I am working on a new project including film.


All the projects mentioned above are with fantastic first-rate musicians and involves original music, compositions written with vision, challenging the language of improvised music. I feel very fortunate to be in this position. Nothing…. well…. almost nothing I enjoy more then playing original music, it is what I live for.


On another note, technological advances do not always translate into a positive movement. However, Skype is really something else. I use it all the time when touring outside of the US, wherever there is a wifi connection you are set to go. I have had great results teaching over Skype. It is a different animal to teach over such a medium. It takes more preparation and organization but when you get into the groove of it it’s quit amazing and very productive both for the student and the teacher. I have students from all over the world right in my living room, fantastic.

Touring and Teaching

Monday, March 1st, 2010

This month I will be touring the US with the band of Amina Figarova, a sextet based in the Netherlands. I have been playing with them for the last three years whenever they are in the US which has been a great experience. It is quit amazing how Bart (a great flutist and organizer) pulls it all together, a testament to the power of persistence. The front line is flute – trumpet – tenor sax, a great sound and both Bart and Ernie (trumpet) are really making it work, great blend, all music written by Amina. I will also be recording with them in the end of March and believe it or not, the CD release will be in April at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Now, that is fast! I will be there to in April, coming from Copenhagen where I have a mini tour with Nikolaj Hess and Jens Skou Olsen. The first gig of the Amina tour will be on March 4th in Cleveland, Nighttown, one of my most favorite Jazz-clubs in the US. All new music, no rehearsal, going to be great.

It also needs mentioned that we will have four day hit in Chicago, at the Showcase. Now, when does that ever happen? That is a true luxury, man, the band is going to be killen’ by the time we get to the studio. Anybody knows a place to practice in Chicago?

On a teaching note, on March 22nd I will start of with an Improve series for beginners (7pm) and advanced (9pm).  Focus will be improve, composition and rhythm. If you are interested or you have a student that might benefit from this program please contact me. It is part of a series organized by New York Jazz Workshop.