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Touring, the Vulcano, Herbie and Wayne.

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

It has been quit a month, touring in Scandinavia and Europe. I had the chance to hook up with Nikolaj Hess and do some great concerts in Denmark and I made it for the CD release at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam with the Amina Figarova band even when the volcano came in between to put its stamp on the travel arrangements, so to speak. I got stuck in Denmark for a week, couldn’t make the gig with Armen at the Firehouse12, but did make the Andrew Hill project gig at the Stone.


Next week I will be performing at the Kitano with Nikolaj Hess, on the 6th of May. I am really looking forward to that, 13 years of playing together in action. And other great news is that I received four fantastic reviews on my new release Landmarc. All About Jazz seems to be at the center of the jazz scene in media land. They have always been hip to the possibility’s on-line and with their papers, with as result that they are probably the number one source on the web for Jazz fans. I am very excited to have three new reviews on their site. Jazztimes also listed a great review. You can check them out in the press section.


This month I will be mostly in NYC. As mentioned I will be performing at the Kitano with Nikolaj but I will be in the Kitano again a week later, with Cotangent, a band lead by Bill Gerhardt, a great pianist and composer. Good to have him back for a week in NYC. And I will do a Guitar project concert to celebrate the new release Landmarc at the Corneliastreet café on the 26th of May, plus I will be performing in the Stone again (NYC), this time with Alon’s group. Should be good.


Initiated by a lady that I met at a bus stop in Copenhagen I have this little thought to share. She said to me that she had two friends whom also are Jazz musicians, they are very funny was her statement, if I know them was the question, Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter… let me see, those names ring a bell….;


All can be deduced to waves; sound, light, touch, energy.

The essence of being is captured in our birth and death with movement before, in between and after. Creation is at the center of this essence with music as a vehicle to get in touch and in tune with this energy of constant change and flexibility. It connects us with the same energy that gave us life. To embrace this energy with all its movement is key to feel the balance in life, and to feel the freedom that is within us. Within music it therefore is important to practice,

or meditate if you will, the opposites, contrasts which gives you the space to create.