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The Kitano and Landmarc; the gig and publishing of the charts.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Both concerts at the Kitano were a big success. Nikolaj played fantastic as usual and we played a few new charts just written a week or two ago which keeps things nice and fresh. The audience was fantastic, the perfect place for the duo, can’t wait to play there again. And….if you need another incentive to get  to the Kitano, Gino gives a spectacular introduction of the band….that by itself is worth seeing and hearing.

Cotangent sounded great to. We haven’t played together for over two and a half years due to some health issues with Bill, but he is back and again writing and playing some great music. I especially have to mention Tim Horner who sounds amazing in the band. He has a beautiful drum sound, one of the best in the scene in my opinion. No matter what volume he is in, it always sounds warm and strong, and he has a poetic beauty in how he supports and interacts with the soloist, with a long natural arc to space and beyond. Check him out when you can.


I am very much looking forward to the  LANDMARC concert on May 26 at the Cornelia Street Café. It includes the usual suspects and a few new charts. What a great band, please come by to check it out, it is very special. Also note that we have had a string of great reviews on the new release which you can find in the press section. It is a good positive feeling to know that this project is been supported by fans and press alike.


Talking about press, I was interviewed and photographed for a NYC special in a Dutch jazz magazine, Jazzism (may issue). If you read Dutch check it out, it is upfront and honest, the way I like it. And another tip for my Dutch reading friends, look out for a mention in this new site wich deals with news regarding all types of music, no barriers. The site is very well done and I think it will become a major source of information for music enthusiasts that enjoy good writing. And some more good Dutch news, my record Landmarc is available in NL, which is a big thing since all my other releases never made it to the Dutch market. Maybe this is a good sign for a possible first time gig as a leader at the Bimhuis? Might the impossible become a reality?


I have been working on getting all the Landmarc material together for my students. It includes charts, explanations, how the composition started and the form used for the recording. A little quote from the introduction:

This concept is about independence of time with the sole purpose to widen the gates toward a deeper form of interaction and storyline development. I believe it to be the artist’s mission to develop and protect one’s freedom and to express the contrasts of life. It is the artist goal to translate emotions, ideas and energy into an uplifting, sincere and powerful sound with relevance to and connected with the social cultural environment around us. With this in mind, it is of great importance that we communicate about the music, not only on but also off the bandstand. It is important for the continuous development of our art-form (improvised music), that we are open to one another, and share our experiences and experiments. We all need to contribute and hopefully add coloring and possibilities with the ultimate goal being to widen our vision and to enrich and expand our language with boundless imagination and creativity.”

Shoot me an email if you are interested in the charts.