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Copenhagen Jazz Festival, New Port Jazz Festival, Recording Armen Donelian and Workshops.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival was amazing this year. Did a lot of playing with Nikolaj Hess and his brother Mikkel Hess (drums). And a gig with Craig Earl, a great bass player who spends a lot of time in India, working on his rhythmic language, no better place on earth for that. But the highlight for me was a duo concert I did with Nikolaj, just one set, only playing ballads. A very deep experience, something I have never done before and would love to do again as soon as possible. I also played with Thomas Morgan, a great bass player, and I think he is an Angel. If an angel would come down on earth and played the bass, it would sound like Thomas…, what a great spirit, no wrong notes with him, beautiful.


Just finished recording with Armen Donelian (bandleader), including Mike Moreno, Dean Johnson and Tyshawn Sorey. Besides being a great pianist Armen is also a great writer, everything has its purpose, very well thought through and a challenge, which is always good. All his tunes could very well be published in the new-new-new-very new Real (not Fake) book. Talking about real books, I think it is about time a real book should be set-up with tunes written in the last 10 years dealing exclusively with mixed meter and polyrhythm. Anybody? I will donate some time.


The coming month is going to be very exciting. Playing with Tony Moreno’s group which is always a treat, playing at the New Port Jazz Festival main stage and Lincoln center with the Amina Figarova group, and doing two 4 day workshops, one with Tim Horner (NYJW) and one with Armen Donelian including guest Jim McNeely. The last time I met Jim was at the Lake Placid Summit in ’97. I was a student at that time together with Rudresh Mahanthappa, Matt Schullman and others. 


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