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HJW, NYJW and upcoming tours.

Friday, August 19th, 2011

This summer has been full of activity. The NYJW had a very successful summer series. All the workshops were phenomenal, great teaching, and great students. Now getting ready for the fall and winter. The 5th annual  Hudson Jazzworks program was also amazing. The level of the students was very high, and the end concert at the Hudson Opera House was spectacular. That combined with the great surroundings and a chef cook made it an experience for the books.

We are already getting geared up for next year. If you are an advanced student please put the HJW on your to-do list. We accept a total max of 10 students, it is very intensive and we are working on scholarships. We are also very happy about our connection and collaboration with the conservatory in Copenhagen. Hopefully we can get the conservatory of Amsterdam and the MSM in NYC also involved for 2012.

If you are an intermediate student please look into the workshops organized by New York Jazz Workshop. The faculty is very strong, and here we also accept a max. of 10 students. It is for adults only and you will be working on music for 4 days 11am to 5pm in the heart of NYC.

And there was also a lot of playing, with Global Motion at the Rochester Festival, with Amina Figarova at the Erie Jazz Festival and with Landmarc and the group of Sebastian Noelle at the Corneliastreet café in NYC. Coming up is the Tony Moreno group also at the Corneliastreet café, a US tour and EU tour with Amina and Landmarc gigs in the NYC area.

As many of you know I am also involved with a Mixed Meter / Polyrhythm class every Tuesday night in NYC. That will start again in the end of September, I can’t wait, a fantastic workshop that I am always very much looking forward to. If you are interested in participating please let me know.

On the web I surfed into a you-tube clip that includes a great arrangement of Doug Beavers titled bedtime story. I play a solo on it, and I think the arrangement is amazing. There is no real video, just a still, but the sound quality is very good, check it out:

And for inspiration, trane at its best, an hour and a half of train in action:

Oke, back to practice.