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Monday, September 19th, 2011

September is happening.

The Detroit Festival was quit amazing, a real Jazz Festival free for the audience which is a testament to the generosity of the organization and the city to the people of Detroit and beyond. The vibe was fantastic.

Chicago was also great, a nice concert at the Old School Town plus, I got to visit one of my favorite museums, the Chicago Art Institute. They had a great Chagall as a special, his America Windows which includes all the muse with as theme freedom of expression. A fantastic piece.

Back in NYC I played the September Suite of Amina Figarova, a great piece written in dedication of 9/11. I was there when it happened and therefore it was a profound experience. I think the piece really captured the different emotions we all lived through here in NYC.

This week I will be performing with Armen Donelian, two concerts as part of a CD-release party including a phenomenal line-up: Armen Donelian, Mike Moreno, Tyshawn Sorey, Dean Johnson and me. Plus I will be playing with Tony Moreno (not related to Mike) at the 55 bar iincluding another fantastic line-up; Tony Moreno, Jean Michel Pilc, Ron Horton, Dean Johnson and me. Talking about great bands, Tim Horner’s record is out (the places we feel free), a fantastic release with all originals by Tim. Please check it out.

I have to tell you that it is quit amazing to be playing with so many excellent musicians. It keeps me on top of my game, and it clarifies my own vision in what I would like to see developed in my own music.

I was asked to write an article with as topic Art-Music for Brilliant Corners, a publication on the arts and the written word. I am very excited about this, Art has always been in the center of my life, my father being a painter and my mother a pianist and opera singer. As soon as it is finished i will post it on my site.

Plus, looking forward to the Borgani Soprano that I will be getting in in November to try. And I am on a quest for the ideal mic for saxophone on stage. I am in the process of test driving a few different models. More on this later.

In October I will be touring in EU plus I am going to Baku for the Baku jazz Festival which is a first. Very exciting.

And a last update. I am working on an arrangement for a piece written by Tony Moreno. It sounds like we will be going into the studio soon which is very exciting. This band is another killer.