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LANDMARC in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Friday, January 20th, 2012


On February 1st the band including Tony and Nate, is flying to Amsterdam starting up a great tour. Vic Juris will be coming from Italy. The first performance will be at the Bimhuis on the 3rd of February. I grew up in Amsterdam and saw hundreds of concerts in the old Bimhuis almost always with my father Henk Mommaas who was a staple in the scene of Amsterdam, a great painter and jazz fanatic. I have fantastic memories about it and am very excited to be performing at the new Bimhuis as a leader. I played there before, at the old and new Bimhuis, but never with my own band LANDMARC from NYC. This is going to be very special. If you are in the area please try to make it. I can’t wait.

The second concert is equally great, at Porgy and Bess in Terneuzen on February 5. I played there for the first time with the Amina Figarova group a couple of months ago. What a great venue, fantastic vibe and great organization.

This is followed by a concert at the Cultuurhuis in Heerlen organized by SCHUNK. A fantastic space, beautiful stage, and great organization. If you are in that area please stop by and support the music. It is organization such as SLIM that keeps Jazz alive.

Although I am raised mostly in Amsterdam, my family comes form Limburg, the Maastricht area. I am therefore very excited to get to play at Theater het Vrijthof in Maastricht. I know that my father and mother in their younger years had a lot of fun in Maastricht. Plus, my mother went there to the conservatory and my father to the arts academy. Some history there. And, I remember great fries with goulash. I am wondering if that place still exists.

We will also perform in Belgium at the Hnita-Jazz club in Heist-op-den-berg. It is a very well-known stage in Belgium, many great musicians have performed there and I am honored to play at this great venue. If you are in Belgium in that period please visit Heist-op-den-berg and join us for the concert.

I am equally excited to be part of a very special Concert in Alkmaar on February 12, which will be filmed. Dick Hovenga from is responsible for the organization of this event and we go back a few years. Dick helped me with getting media attention in NL which helped a lot with organizing this tour, and we had many great conversations in NYC which he visits frequently. He is my man, and I am very excited to collaborate with him on this project. If you would like to be part of this fantastic event please email to

For the complete tour please go to the concert page or see below.

On the road in the Netherlands and Belgium

LANDMARC on tour in EU, and more…

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

The beginning of the year is looking great. In February 2012 I will be touring in Europe with LANDMARC starting off with a concert at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. The band is a killer and includes Tony Moreno on drums plus Nate Radley and Vic Juris on electric guitar. I can’t wait to get on the road with this stellar group of musicians. We will also do a video performance organized by plus a few workshops (The Gitaarkamer, Artez and the Conservatory of Amsterdam). For the full schedule please visit my concert page.

In January I will perform with Tim Horner who released his first CD as a leader; The places we feel free. And it became a killer. The musicians are Tim Horner, Mark Sherman, Martin Wind, Ron Horton, John Hart, Scott Robinson, Jim Riddle and me. We will have a concert at the Puffin in NJ on the 7th and in the Kitano on the 12th.

After the Landmarc tour back in NYC I will be part of a few concerts with the Amina Figarova group ending with a recording session in Systems two. The music is starting to shape up, a very tight band and a great front-line with a beautiful blend. In May this will be followed up with a US tour including the New Orleans Jazz Festival. And believe it or not, we already have something booked in 2013, the Louisville Jazz Festival.

Last year I was approached to write an essay on Jazz and Art. I think it came out great and it got published in: Brilliant Corners “A Journal of Jazz & Literature” winter edition 2011 (vol.16, No 1). I am very proud of this article, it is very close to my heart and editor/writer/publisher Sascha Feinstein did a fantastic job in adding some flow to the article. For just $7 you can get an issue. Please support this labor of love.

I have also been involved with to write an article on microphones for saxophone. The first article came out a month or two ago on blog. A new article as a follow up will come out next month. The main focus in the first article was dynamic mics. The second article will zoom into condenser microphones and the third and final article will center around ribbon microphones. It is quit a journey and I have learned a lot. It is rare to get the opportunity to go into the studio and record 20 mics. and check out the differences. Credit goes to Matthew Mcglynn of recordinghacks and Charlie Martinez at Audio Paint in Manhattan. I will keep you posted.

And I have been working on the development of the New York Jazz Workshop program together with co-director Marco Chelo. It is looking great, the program is very solid and growing. The students will have a concert at Smalls (NYC) on January 29th and there will be a masterclass with Miles Okazaki on the 31st of January.
We are looking for a dedicated space in mid-town Manhattan. If you have a lead please let us know. For more information visit

Although it is still early, Armen Donelian and I have been working hard on the Hudson Jazzworks program which will take place on 9-12 August 2012. Borgani is funding a scholarship, which is great news. For those who are not familiar with their great work, Borgani is an Italian company who makes handcrafted saxophones. They sound great and I am endorsing one of their soprano’s.
HJW is also associated with the Conservatory of Amsterdam, the rhythmic conservatory in Copenhagen and the MSM in NYC. Every year we have a special guest. This year it will be the always burnin’ Joe Locke on Vibes. We are very excited about the progress we have made in the last 6 years. It has become a fantastic high level retreat/workshop. Let me know if you are interested in participating.