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10 States, Summer action and Copenhagen.

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

In May I was on a two and a half week tour with the Amina Figarova sextet promoting the new release “Twelve”. We traveled through 10 states playing 16 concerts in 14 city’s which was quit an experience. Some of the highlights where the New Orleans Jazz Festival (the food was out of control and I managed to eat the whole band under the table), the concert at the Bach Society in Half Moon Bay (and we actually saw two whales in the bay), two great nights in Missoula (also great food, the organizer is a fantastic cook) and the Jazz Alley in Seattle (fantastic sound on stage, one of the best sound engineers I experienced in a live setting). There is more coming in the Fall and there are already bookings for 2013. Bart, the organizer in the band is unbelievable and he put together a short youtube video footage on the recording session:
The Making of Twelve

I just did a concert with the band of Tim Horner in Smalls, NYC. The concert was smokin’, I love playing with these ace musicians. And I can’t say enough about Tim, he wrote all the material and he clearly has a gift for it. All his experience is coming through in his writing.

As mentioned in the last newsletter I have been writing articles on mics for Saxophone. This month I have been trying out a series of microphones in preparation for the ribbon article and it has been quit a trip. I didn’t know how unbelievably different all these mics. sound. The article should be live by the end of the month. I already have a “winner” in mind which will be discussed in the fourth and last article in which I will make a comparison between the Dynamic, the Condenser and the Ribbon microphones.

On the 17th of June I will be playing with the group of Tony Moreno at the legendary 55bar. His music is phenomenal, and in his group you will always be playing with the best of the best. I can’t wait.

And Nikolaj Hess, whom I have collaborated with in the last 15 years, will be in town and we will be playing at the Corneliastreet café on June 28, like old times. This is a precursor to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival where I will be from the 12th through the 15th of July. It is going to be a killer band: Nikolaj on piano, Francois Moutin on bass and Gregory Hutchinson on drums. This is the first time I will be playing with Gregory, very exciting.

Another first is getting acquainted with Bill Cunliffe, a great pianist and a reharm. monster. I had the pleasure to sit in with him at the Kitano in NYC and the band included Tim Horner and Boris Koslov.

Some more exciting news. As many of you know I am the co-director of the NYJW. Together with Marco Chelo, the other director, we wrote a business plan. Yes you hear it right, and man, what a trip that is. It took us a few months but its finished and we can’t wait to move the program up to a new level. We are actively looking for our own dedicated space in Midtown Manhattan, if you have any tips please let us know. Did I mention we are an official LLC. One step at the time.