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GRAMMY’S for your consideration

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

I am very pleased to announce that one of my recorded solos has made it on the ballot for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. I am in:

Cat. 31 – IMPROVISED JAZZ SOLO: Tenor sax Solo by Marc Mommaas on HEWA. Comp. by Amina Figarova.


The composition is written by Amina Figarova . It’s a beautiful piece and has a very special vibe. I immediately had a special connection with this piece, which comes across when listening to the track. Have a listen: HEWA

There are three more categories this new Recording “Blue Whisper” is accepted in:
Cat. 33 – Jazz Instrumental Album: “Blue Whisper”
Cat. 61 – Instrumental Composition: “Hear My Voice” by Amina Figarova on the CD “Blue Whisper”
Cat. 63 – Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals: Hewa, composition and arrangement by Amina Figarova.

Lets see what happens, its very exciting.